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Friday, April 17, 2009

Small Business Lending Indicators Rising, Analytics Firm Reports

SAN DIEGO (April 17, 2009) — Increased activity in an online service that connects business borrowers and lenders indicates that the small business loan market may be showing signs of recovery.

Edgeware Analytics, a provider of analytics and marketplaces for small business credit, reports an increase of 60 percent in applications from banks for membership in its Small Business Loan Exchange (SBLX) platform since President Obama’s March 16 speech on financing for small businesses.

Another sign that a turnaround may have begun in the small business credit crunch, a major factor in layoffs in the current economy, is that loan approval indications in the SBLX platform increased more than 300 percent.

For further details, see the full press release from Edgeware Analytics. Sphere: Related Content

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